Saturday, December 30, 2017

The last letter

Dear God,

2017 flew like a restless bird. It began with a beautiful gift from you- a pretty baby girl. She was truly a blessing as she gave all of us so much happiness.

Throughout the year I learnt so many lessons but the most important lessons are-

1 patience- specially as you bring up your children.

2 forgiveness- Sometimes you do mistakes for which you have to pay a big price but then you have to learn to forgive yourself. This is life and we all have to move on.

Each year makes you Rich with experiences. What the last day tells is, this too shall pass and life goes on.

I thank you god for all the precious lessons you have taught and good memories you have given this year. All I pray for a new dawn of success and experiences in the coming year.

Love you.

P.S.- never mind of frustated blabbering instead of prayers.

(Perhaps) an angel.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Why me

Today was the worst day of my life to date.

On the contrary , last year on this day I was on top of the world because I had become the mother of a cute baby girl.

Today as we were about to celebrate the first birthday of our baby girl, she met with an accident and the whole environment turned grey.

From last 3  months as my health is slightly low, I am only wondering, why me? 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Backbiting is most Annoying Habbit of Indians

One Annoying Habbit of fellow indians which irritate me Most - - -

Sadly, this is one of those questions which bring into your mind , not just one answer but the whooooooooole LIST.

Still, going with the question, my one word answer is - BACKBITING.

Let me now explain it. If you live in a small town, people are so so so much FREE that all they find interest in BACKBITING. And specialized in this are Aunties. Although they would tell you, "Mujhe jo kehna hai main toh muh per hi keh deti hun..." Still they are Masters in BACKBITING. The second common dialogue is - " Kehna mat kisi ko ...." Shhhh... But they are the first one to Tell you all the Gossip. And Last but not the least, " Main to kabhi kisi ki buraai karti hi nahi hun..." Lol.

In small towns, this Backbiting take away most of the creative energy from people. Instead of indulging in Gossiping and Backbiting if they do something Productive and Creative, India would become more and more better. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

To my girl

When you read this some years later, you would wonder to know that when I wrote this, you were lying on my lap. I love you a lot. I can’t fathom this “lot”,  no one can, because I don’t show to everyone my love for you. But I will try to tell you here in petty words what kind of love it is. 

My love for you is full of dreams and rainbows. When I see you growing up in my dreams, I see you as a bubbly girl dancing in joy, soaked to your soul in the rain of love. I see you as a mature girl, who knows the reason of being here, in this world. I don’t want you to walk on drawn patterns, I want you to draw new lines and see new horizons. You know, when you smile, you touch my soul. Keep smiling always and be different, that’s important. 

Gender Issue

This was the cruelest wound ever. Lets understand it this way , till I did not conceive everyone wished I should have a baby, and when I did , they prayed it should be a boy. And when it was a girl, there was more sighs in the air than laughs.

No it is not a whole truth. The truth is, my hubby was so happy to see his girl that the tears roll down his cheeks when he first saw her. My father in law was perhaps the least happy person. Even my Mother in law seemed too happy, because she has no girl child and she missed it so much in her life.

Living in a joint family all these three years I realized, the society has changed but not that much. Boy-girl issue is still there even in educated families. Before marriage I had never thought that I would face such things after marriage. No wonder, joint family teaches you everything and makes you mature before time.  

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