Monday, November 16, 2015

What is life : JLT

Everyday this questions comes to my mind. It is not that I think a lot, but thoughts just happen to me.
What is life? No word, sentence, paragraph or book can describe it, I am sure. But tit-bits of thoughts might ?

I had read a quote somewhere, it sounded so true - "Life is what happens to you, while you are busy making other plans".  Someone met with an accident, someone got cancer, a dear one died prematurely , and so on... Life happens to us, while we are busy making other plans.

Sometimes, all of a sudden you feel , whether the decisions you took, all of them, were terribly wrong.

As it is...

Every girl desires a secret love
an anonymous lover
a mysterious love story

Its weird 
but I strongly feel
you are there
you read me
every word, breaks
between the words and empty spaces

I don't know who you are 
but I strongly feel
You are connected to my soul.
You are there!

if only...

An old Track
An old love
An old mystery

if only ... 
I could know you more!

A secret wish
A secret love
A secret life

if only...
Life had given us one chance!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Life is a Mystery

Yesterday I have been watching Brahmakumari's serial. Sister Shivani was discussing about Karmic account and past births. She told, the body is a costume, 'I' is a soul. Once we have this knowledge that 'I' is not this body but the soul which have been same through all past births, we can easily accept the fact that - Whatever is happening to me, I am Responsible for it. This is Karmic Account. Whenever something Bad Happens , we question why, why me, how come and etc... but once we have accepted that I am the only one who is responsible for it. So, its Okay. Karmic account got settled. This is the easy way to let go and not create the vicious circle by adding more complications. 

I loved her logical talks, she said, with every new generation children are depressed, frustrated, and feel heavy load from an early age. It is because, we are in debt too deeply, our Karmic Account is full with heavy debt. In this Yug, our Bhogna is depression. 

It is so depressing even to talk like this.

But it is all so true. I see only one way to come out of it - 
  • Leave EGO (that is, the image attached to your body) , 
  • Only Give, don't expect return.
  •  Do not create new fuss ( we are already in so much debt),
  •  Let go of everything . Say, Its Okay. Karmic Account got settled.

And why I am talking so seriously, on the NEW YEAR DAY (Ekam after Diwali) ?
May be , because I need to. Sometimes you need a Nirvana Dose, to come out from the Fuss. Sometimes you really need to know how and where you can Change, go nearer to your Life's true goal, and that its getting already too late.

Wish you an Enlightening Diwali and New Year.
And of course, that's the truest way you celebrate an Indian Festival, pondering upon the mysteries of Life. :)

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