Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trapped -1 Identity Crisis

I am going through a severe identity crisis. I don't know what is identity crisis but I think it is what I am facing. Though it may not be a big issue what girls go through after marriage but It Is.
Let me ask a few questions in general.
>:) what if one day when you wake up you find everything has changed from your parents to home to lifestyle. Everything.
>:) The food preferences has been changed. How would you react when you crave day in day out to eat your favourite breakfast and lunch??
>:) And moreover, what if wearing clothes get changed to Dressing Code and Conduct.

I am tired of living a life according to other's guidelines. I am really tired. You know something inside you begins to die and they say you have grown old

Now coming to the point,  Identity Crisis.  I am struggling to maintain my old lifestyle together with the new one. I am trying hard not to forget what I had been, what was my favourite food,  favourite time pass, what I was enthusiastic about, what was my secret qualities and cherished gifts.

It's not only me, I think he is also facing a crisis. Doing what he least likes, living at a place he doesn't  want to.

So,  why don't we do what we want to. Why don't we are there where our happiness lies. Why we feel so "majboor" as if nothing is in our hands. Who has the answers.

Why I am thrown middle in the play,given the important role while others come and go staying out of that all stress.

There seems no escape. And I am living someone else's life.

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