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its like this ...

"so how did you celebrate the day?"
" I slept, I watched movies and I spent rest of the time talking to myself"

"talking about wat?"
"talking about how long is the way, how plenty of time is left, and what am I going to do with dat tym."

"hmm..and what  are you going to do wd dat tym?"
"I am going to celebrate." 

P.S. - you know wat , each time I want to celebrate with you, I am left alone, I am left with myself. Life is not so much like the picture in my mind. Its plain and grey. But I have got colors in my mind, dats d whole beauty, dats d whole problem. But believe me, today is imp, I dont want to look back and feel I wasted it while I could have done much more. Before it strikes 12 , I am gonna make a memory, You are late though. But I will tell you wat I did, the day you come in my life...  Waiting for you ...

What! Celebrate it , it wont come again in dis life !

So , this is special haan?? 12.12.12 
Lemme tell you  - I need a hangover and a crazy laugh !
Was that me who was partying whole night, who had her moments, her crushes, her secrets, her night outs, her life? Was that me who knew how to celebrate by herself? who loved dancing ?
I will be here tonight. Just watch out ! I won't let the day go ;)

The Warrior Princess #1

She couldn't believe what she heard, "What! no weapons? and only a band of fighters?"  The Warrior Princess looked down. For a moment, the world seemed all Black. She took a deep breath and told herself, it is fine, we will go with it.
She came out of her camp and looked at a little gathering of fighters, keeping aside her own nervousness, she spoke out first time after accidently being the Princess of a small hilly state, " Warriors! Friends! I know we don't have enough weapons, You know it too, but....But the enemies don't know. Show them we have everything , even those  which they don't have. Show them Courage. Let confidence be your edgiest weapon. Warriors ! Remember ! Not Giving Up, is your another weapon. Now lets go with it and we will see what happens.".....