Monday, May 30, 2011

Im Back!

Its amazing to view my blog after almost 20 days. I have learnt what I needed to . So I undeleted my Blog. Deleting this blog was like killing my own child. I had reared it with loads of love. Each of its post is an outcome of a struggling mind. They might not be readable or interesting but they mean a lot to me. They are milestones in my development.

Well as I am back now I would tell one prominent reason of it. The Name - Just believe. It is so close to my heart that I began to think of creating another blog with this name. But that would be ridiculous. So I am going to continue over here only :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Inspire !!

Had you ever ask what I always wanted to ask you ,
I would have said , 
Rather I would have asked , 
Did I ever inspire you ?

Inspire - 
For a little good deed , 
To smile even when you are broken ,
To pursue your dreams , 
Even if they are craziest , 

Inspire - 
To think of Family first,
To think of duties
When the world is maddening with selfish feelings.

I would have asked , 
If ever I inspired you
But now I have gone
And you too
And there are left the seeds of inspiration
With white wings around them
They fly , unrecognized , unappreciated
Ignored ... but they don't die
Without finding the right place for germination
And when  they find , they live
To leave earth a better place.

Seeds of Inspiration germinate 
In a mother's heart
Who had been a coy daughter,
A blushing wife , 
And a proud mother.
And they live there 
Forever ...

[Dedicated to my mother , on this Mother' day (I am sorry mom , if I hurt you ever , I know I did a lot of times.) And this poem is for Myself - a daughter who someday would be a wife and a mother. And its for all women , who are inspiration , recognized , unrecognized , praised or otherwise , their seeds will always live on earth , until there is left one woman on earth] 

Friday, May 6, 2011

the bridegroom !

I can not help it now. I have come to this road. And it goes straight to Death. Don't be afraid my friend. Death will not swallow me. He is my groom. Once I am into him , he will be my shadow and I , his. I shall not live again and come to this earth. My days on earth will end soon. But dont you grieve or think I am again fooling myself. And... I tell you ... even if I am fooling myself , it is for my good...let me. Will you fight with me if I take medicine for the life is unbearable sometimes. You shall not. Be with me , we have got few good days left and when I shall be gone , you would miss me.

Oh... you can not imagine. How glorious he looked. How does he work. How does he love me... so mutely , so meekly... and to see The King meek in front of me... I know the Power of Love. But I don't want to know anything... nothing... Do you remember , you told me once I can not be happy with any man. I have realized it now. I can not even be happy on earth. How can I be? when I am far from my beloved , my groom. But I dont hurry to meet him. I am not ready yet. I shall choose the bride's attire. I shall learn to color my face and look beautiful. I haven't yet learned to glow. I shall not meet him with my dry face and frizzy hairs. I will paint my hands and legs with lac-dye. I will prepare Kajal for eyes ... oh how shall I look in my bride's attire and ... in full-moon night. 

And now before meeting with my groom ; The Death , I shall meet with Life. Savor Joy and drink gloominess , and these be my  lac-dye and kajal.

And before meeting with my groom , I shall meet men and women and children who are at his mercy. And I shall each moment feel like a Queen - who is free from all Fears. 

And before my groom comes to take me , I shall try to heal men and women of their sores and fears of death and old age. I shall tell them - Ow... you are going to meet your beloved things after life , don't be afraid.

And before meeting with my groom , I shall learn to Wait. 

and he comes there... his arms open... a wide tall black shadow, a halo all around ... and I merge in him... gradually...


..., angel

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