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No it cant be love ...

No I don't love you - 
(though your laugh tinkles in my ear
and makes my soul happy )

No its not love - 
(though my tears know their 
place is only in your arms)

Na it cant be love , i know! -
(though you hurt me sometimes
by your carelessness)

Its not the love , I had dreamt of , i know! -
(though now I think of creating a dream
than dreaming one)

They told me , you could find a better one - 
(though I had always believed them 
but now I wished they would be wrong)

Now when you said , Goodbye forever ! -
(though I was broken down
I held my breath and said... )

Its not love ! I wish ...
It cant be love 

To my Brother of Teen Age !

It causes ripples in my heart
to see your innocence  wrapping slowly with intelligence and art.
What you have become my brother a perfect combination Of soft hearted mom and strong father.
But what more amazes me is the mystery of your age Much more is hidden beneath the innocence of your face. 
P.S. - Interesting to observe the growth of your adult side while you are able to retain the innocence of childhood on your face :) Love you bro !!!
I have seen both heaven and hell in my life.
but i regret i saw heaven before hell
This life is ruined
I wait to begin afresh soon.

(P.S. - wait can be most hellish.)

for a change

For a change I had a great fun yesterday with my friend and her friends. And for a change I felt I am still not too old. This change was good.

I don't know what this change will bring with it. All I know is , I am happy. And I am less worried about my future.

I have been reading literature from past 3-4 months as if literature and life are poles apart. So , for a change , I decided I am going to read life than literature.

All my life I waited for this time when I will choose my line and take decisions for myself but I have become dumb now. A dumb who dances to other's tune. A dumb who is programmed by others. Though I am happy my mother has thought so much for me. But I cant just follow everything blindly. I want to take some risks. I want to feel free to take decisions for myself so that in future I know I have made my life and not that I am walking on
the track laid down by someone else. So,  for a change I decided I will take risk... risk to ignore my parent's wish and …