Thursday, September 30, 2010

Teach me to Love
But first Teach me
To endure the Fires
Which I will meet in the Course 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No my poetry is not blowing horns,
Its leaking of water
Leaking internal thoughts
drop by drop


No comfort I have in my bad days
Save writing poems 
One more Great relief except weeping.


Again dread of those dreadful nights
Again a need of invisible hand
I want him again who will not leave me even for a second...
My own Imagination.


Oxygen Mask !
A new life !
Thank God!
I can express if not in voice
In words at least.


beats beats beats ....
the world is beating
I am losing some sense
I am afraid "he would mind"
I am afraid "I would disappoint them ...
by losing sanity"
I just want to be me.....
Just me.....
Just me.....
And not what you think I should be.


hey! I have never taken your Mary Jane ,
Nor those doses of drinks
but I can lose still
My senses ...
Its also an addiction.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No , dont come near
Go away !

I had loved you
I love you still
But I shall not think of you always
I shall not curse and find my faults
I shall not Sacrifice now
Not for sometime
Though ...
I know...
 My ultimate destiny ---
is Sacrifice.
Today is one more colorless night
Is it cold ?
Today is a cold night , I am sure...
Moon is dark.

Its Okay!
Isn't it?
It will be Okay , I am sure...
I am sure it will be okay.
Its just another night.
Death? - just a matter of laughter now a days.
Twenty died in train accident,
two died in a bomb blast,
Hundreds and so ... in flood ,
And many do die daily ...

Life? - cheaper than a grain
So ...
Death is more celebrated here.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

In one of those nights
When I am so close to myself
When I am me - my soul
And when you find me lost
Come! look for me
In that isolated place
Where moon is low
Touching the feet of sea
One who is sleeping on the rock
Look ! That is me.

Just be ....

White ocean
Of darkness around us   

Silence - 
Mute Love !

Togetherness ...
..... ! 

Just Be ... !
And I want Nothing.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dawn & Dusk

I am Dawn 
You are Dusk
" How can we meet , tell me ? "

" One day even 
They will meet 
If only you can have -   
Belief. " 

From Dawn to Dusk

From Dawn
To Dusk
So long the gap seems...
Which afternoon fills up with her sleep
After a hurried nap 
When I wake up to drink
Your First love 
The filter-coffee ; 
Which tastes as tasteless 
As first I drank it with you
But I love it
Because it reminds of you
And of your taste.

And long nights
When I wake after each hour
To taste loneliness , 
As salty as you are
And chant between every nightmare,
"everything will be fine".

At dawn,
I walk alone on my terrace,
Watch the world preparing for the day
And I too prepare ,
For a long weary afternoon,
Its short hurried nap,
And Filter-coffee.

At dusk,
I walk alone on my terrace,
Watch the world retire into pleasures,
And I too retire,
To sleep,
Wake up at every hour,
 Taste loneliness ,
Watch nightmares ,
And chant between them

"Everything will be fine..."
"Everything will be fine...".

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Ambition for me means  - climbing mountain , painting your imagination , creating tune which resides in your heart , expressing an idea known to all human kind , serving people because you believe in serving and alike. I used to think I am not an ambitious person . But I have found what my ambition is ...

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